Wetlands Enrichment Tours

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Wetlands Enrichment Tours, BoardwalkWetland’s Enrichment Tours, or WET, is a specially designed educational program aimed at bringing the Hermitage’s living shoreline restoration to life for students. The hands-on outdoor program can be tailored to any age group and teaches what a wetland is, creatures and features of wetlands, why wetlands are important, and the flood buffering and filtering effects of wetlands. The program meets Virginia SOL requirements for grades 4-6.

The WET Program Allows Students to…

  • Participate in a vocabulary activity that will equip them with working terminologies used in describing wetlands. Key vocabulary terms in this program include erosion, invasive plants, phragmites, water table, habitat, hydrophytes, living shoreline, sediment and pollution.
  • Build a wetlands model and record experiment findings.
  • See, touch, and smell the native plants living and growing in the Hermitage wetlands and buffer areas.
  • Identify harmful actions that affect the Wetlands

Cost of the program is $4 per student. Some schools may qualify for transportation assistance.

The WET program meets the following Virginia SOL requirements:

Grade 4:               4.1.b, 4.5.d, 4.5.f, 4.8.a, 4.8.b
Grade 6:               6.1.j, 6.7.a-g, 6.9.a, 6.9.d
Life Science:         LS.1.d, LS.7.c, LS.10.b, LS.12.b, LS.12.d, LS.12.e

To schedule your Wetlands Enrichment Tour, contact Lil Acosta, Weddings Events & Tours Manager at (757) 423-2052 x211 or at lacosta@thehermitagemuseum.org.

For additional information including program content and date reservations, please contact Carrie Spencer, Education Programs Coordinator at (757) 423-2052 x203 or cspencer@thehermitagemuseum.org.