Yoga Camp ages 6-12

The Hermitage is hosting three sessions of Yoga Camp for boys and girls, ages 6-12 at the Visual Arts Studio.

Yoga Camp ages 6-9

June 26-30: 9am-1pm (half day)
Instructor: Barbara Schlegel
Yoga and imagination come together in the magical museum and gardens at the Hermitage. Yoga poses, breathing exercises and mediation are guided through songs, storytelling, calming crafts and games that nurture young imaginations. Walking mediation, yoga for your hands, an art gallery tour, origami, beading, floral crown design, and string figures are just some of the activities and crafts chosen to promote mindfulness, a sense of community, appreciation of nature and fun! During this week-long, half-day camp, children will create their own tool-box of self-soothing and self-regulating skills to practice all summer and beyond.

Members: $105 | Non-Members: $120

August 28-30
3-day camp, full day: 9am-4pm
Instructor: Barbara Schlegel

Learn yoga poses and play games in the scenic gardens of the Hermitage Museum during this 3-day camp. Spend the afternoons engaged in art activities that encourage young minds to express themselves and focus. Enjoy yoga stories, songs, and guided meditations. Journal drawing, mindful coloring, origami and string figures are just some of the planned activities. These yoga and art activities foster coping and social skills that will benefit children in the upcoming school year.

Members: $105 | Non-Members: $120

Yoga Camp ages 9-12

July 24th: One day camp, full day, 9am-4pm
Instructor: Barbara Schlegel

Treat your tweens to a day of everything yoga during this one-day yoga retreat. A joyful asana practice full of heart-opening and confidence building poses will be followed by beading mediation necklaces (tassel and all!).  Calming techniques such as journaling and yogic breathing will also be covered. We will tour the galleries, highlighting Asian art within the Sloane Collection and its connection to the ancient practice of yoga. Finally, some of those very challenging yoga poses will be introduced and taught, leaving kids something to strive for and practice all summer.

Members: $40 | Non-Members: $45
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